"Play It Again Theatre Company has an excellent track record of developing theatre by researching and developing ideas and stories with young people and communities." Amanda Harris, Director, KEAP

About Play It Again Theatre

Play It Again is a registered charity that develops and delivers arts projects that the whole community benefit from; the projects are designed by the Play It Again Youth Committee (comprising of previous project participants) and we have a strong support network of adult volunteers, along with a following of local young families who form our audiences. Play It Again’s projects are packed with young-people-friendly, skills-based arts activities. Projects are focussed on connecting young people and the community with outdoor recreational spaces, be it the beach, the woods or a history-rich town centre by participating in 6 month-long programmes which galvanise positive relationships with other young people, community members and potential employers.

Our most recent project, ‘Konnichiwa Kernow’ was delivered in three stages over a six-month period and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Plymouth University. Firstly, harder-to-reach young people from various youth centres in South East Cornwall came together with adult volunteers from the community for 12 workshops to explore the historic links between Japan and the southwest. Kendo, Dance, Calligraphy, Food, Puppetry and visits to both the Plymouth Art Gallery and the Plymouth Historic Records Office were all part of the workshop mix. Secondly, two one-week long summer schools then took place where the young people (supported by volunteers) created a piece of Promenade Theatre culminating in a Japanese ‘Village’ of activities for our audience of harder-to-reach families. The village included costumes to try, kendo and street-dance demonstrations, sushi-making, manga art, kamishibai storytelling and making green tea; young families came to their community gardens to participate in the experience.

The final stage of the project saw the young people travelling to the International Japan 400 Festival where they performed their piece in the Hoe Gardens. The project connected people of all ages and walks of life with recreational spaces using the platform of the arts.