Hanging on

Hanging on

Writer: Jonathon Plunkett

Director: Chloe Hughes

Choreographer: Emily Dobson

Composer: Luke Robinson

Performer: Claire Patrick

Performer: Phil Croft

Performer: Jennifer Chudley

OMG! Dan and Ella are in love and even 'in a relationship' on Facebook! Happy days... Then Dan buys Ella a phone, tells her 'It's just for us' and things become claustrophobic...but is Dan just re-enacting his Mother's relationship with his abusive Step-Dad?

This touring show for audiences aged 12 to 20 is an intricately performed and beautifully written piece of theatre which was researched and developed in collaboration with domestic abuse survivors and healthy relationships advisors... it's a powerful, interactive drama which focuses on Dan and Ella - a couple whose obsession with each other quickly becomes more than they can handle

interactive theatre experience where  During this interactive, explosive, yet educational show, you’re given the opportunity to vote for how the story works out: the audience vote by mobile to influence how the story works out. In Act Two the actors improvise new scenes right there and then based on the audience's advice. Featuring Play It Again’s unique blend of contemporary dialogue, physical theatre and a freshly-composed, cool soundtrack ‘Hanging On’ has toured the UK since September 2013 with enormous success and is currently available for village halls, theatres, youth centres and secondary schools to book until July 2014.   

Play It Again are becoming well-known across the UK for creating original theatre pieces which are centred around audience participation and Hanging On  builds on the strength of previous shows Going Viral (2011) and Binge! (2012). This unusual yet refreshing theatre form is a departure from theatre that simply washes over the audience: Play It Again place the action and denouement in the hands of the audience, asking What should they do? And moreover, What would you do?  

Hanging On is a powerful drama, expertly written by talented playwright Jonathon Plunkett and choreographed by Emily Dobson of C-Scape and FreeFall Dance.  Actors Claire Patrick, Phil Croft and Jennifer Chudley, along with the show’s Rose Bruford trained director Chloe Hughes, researched and developed the show with Jonathon over six months taking inspiration from real-life stories and experiences during their time spent with survivors of abusive relationships, counsellors and advocates of domestic violence victims. The issue of abusive relationships shocked the company into creating Hanging On when they learned that in 2011, some local governments had to allocate more tax-payers money on abusive relationships and domestic abuse intervention than on all other social issues combined (including drugs, alcohol, road accidents and violent crime).

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